Precision Metal Fabrication

NGS Products specialise in precision metal fabrications, including the in the manufacturing of Mild Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminium fabrications, both for our own products and for products requested by our customers. Many of these customers are well know OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and Blue Chip Companies with a global presence.

Our unique offering of engineering support and expertise from the initial concept, through the design phase and then into full scale manufacturing gives NGS the ability to offer our customers a complete service that is a must in today’s demanding business environments.

We have 30 years experience in providing metal fabricated solutions to industry throughout Ireland, UK, mainland Europe and USA. Our impressive range of metal fabrication tools and equipment, coupled with our technical skills and experience gives us the versatility to be able to meet even the most demanding metal fabrication needs of our customers.

Our capabilities include CNC punching, CNC bending, MIG, TIG and resistance welding and metal finishing and painting. Our capabilities include:

  • advanced aluminium fabrications;
  • extruded materials and
  • stainless steel process fabrications requiring a high level of finish.

Many of our customers have relied on NGS for many years and most of our customers understand the importance of a manufacturing partnership which is mutually beneficial to both parties. Our Design and Engineering team will be happy to work with your team to design and manufacture prototypes or to turn your concepts into manufactured products.

Precision metal fabrication covers a very wide range of products, these include:

Enclosures and panels can be manufactured on a once-off basis or in bulk. These enclosures can be manufactured from a range of materials and can be surface coated or painted to meet the requirements of the application. Labeling and engraving for identification, safety or lot / serial control can also be provided.
In addition to racks and shelves for storage or components and secure storage cabinets, NGS also manufactures and assembles network-server, disk-server, router racks and trolleys for the IT / Electronics industry. These electronic racks and trolleys are designed to the clients’ bespoke needs and are fully wired and configured for use.
Production work areas, warehouses and loading bays often require bollards, barriers and rails for safety, protection of equipment and management of people, machinery or vehicle traffic in the area. NGS products can provide heavy duty rails and / or bollards that are powder coated to meet the needs of any working environment.
Cable management is essential not only for the protection of equipment but also for safety, ease of connection and prevention of clutter in the workspace. NGS provide solutions for overhead cable management, connection boxes and floor-to-ceiling cable connection pillars.

All solutions will be fully wired and can be installed by our engineering staff. All types of electrical and electronic connections can be provided.

Welded wire covers may be required in industries like the automotive or aerospace industry. NGS Products can provide bespoke designs from any metal according to our clients’ product requirements.