The NGS honeycomb structure is a proprietary solution developed by NGS Products to provide a high strength, low mass structure that can be used in a range of industries and applications. The honeycomb structure is a solution rather than a material. The honeycomb matrix can be made from a range of different materials to further enhance the properties according to the requirements of the application. The structure was initially designed for an application where air-flow through a high strength, low mass mesh was the main requirement. The solution was to develop interlocking shaped metal strips that were crimped together to form a high strength rigid honeycomb structure. This honeycomb structure then was surrounded by a frame for containing and mounting the honeycomb matrix.


The honeycomb structure is best described as a high strength, low mass, rigid structure that can be adapted to fit most applications. The material used for the body of the matrix can be selected to further enhance the properties required by the particular application. In particular, the matrix material can be tailored to the environment in which the matrix will be used, the overall mass requirements of the application and the enhanced strength specification.


The NGS crimped honeycomb structure has been successfully used in the automotive industry for air-flow to the engine of large vehicles. The full potential for use in diverse applications has not yet been realised by other industries, but potential uses include ingress shielding of the aluminium radiator core for quarrying applications; grilles for air conditioning inlets or return air-flow; durable filters for large particles, equipment bund stands to allow flow of excess liquids while ensuring a strong and stable base for the equipment; water drain or outlet cover; high strength Faraday-cage for large transformers to prevent electrical interference.