NGS Products offer ergonomic office desks which are ideal for people that spend a large portion of their working day at a desk. The desks are bespoke and can be designed to meet the particular needs of the person using the desk. The main feature of these desks are that they are fully height adjustable to meet the users’ exact requirements for ergonomic working whether standing, seated or kneeling.

The height adjustable desk can be manufactured and styled in both size shape and surface finish (material) to suit the office design and layout. All desks are wired to need only a single power connection point in order to provide power to all features and sockets on the desk.

In addition to the styling and height adjustment of the desk a wide range of additional features can be added to customise the desk and ensure a fully ergonomic work environment.

Additional features include:

  • Programmable height adjustment stops
  • Front or rear sockets with UK, US or EU pins
  • Data connectors (RJ11 to RJ48)
  • Monitors arms (height adjustable and swivel mounted)
  • Rear gantry
  • Phone charger sockets (USB)
  • Computer Tower or Printer Holder
  • Shelves and drawers
  • Anti-static surface coating
Linak Office Desks
Height adjustable office desk with power source and dual-monitor stand