The modern work environment is such that people spend more and more time sitting at a desk or workstation. This can lead to tiredness or back problems and an overall inefficient work environment. A solution to the long periods of sitting is a desk that can be height adjusted at the touch of a button, thereby allowing the operator to alternate between sitting or standing at the desk. NGS provides height adjustable desks to clients in Ireland and the UK. These desks allow the programmer, operator or worker to perform his or her work while seated or standing; thereby ensuring more movement and an overall more friendly, healthy and ergonomic working environment.

NGS – Providing a more efficient and ergonomic workplace to businesses

Our sit / stand height adjustable electric desks and workstations can be tailored to meet the needs of the client in terms of design and features. In the case of workstations, all components and accessories needed to perform the task can be included in the design to provide a robust, effective work environment where everything needed to do the job can be within arms reach of the operator. Office desks can be manufactured to match the office design in terms of wood effects, surface finish, color and overall office requirements.

Features can include:

  • Table top surface finish;
  • Built in strip lighting;
  • Monitor arm or arms;
  • Anti-static coating for electronics;
  • Electric or network connection points;
  • Shelves, drawers and linbins;
  • etc.

The video below shows a workstation / desk configured for an electronics industry operation. This desk was designed to include a full set of electrical plug connectors, a built in bin, solder removing arm, linbin racks, blue anti-static surface and a monitor arm. Notice also the tray attached to the under-surface of the desk for the desktop PC. Desks can be tailored to the clients’ particular needs and can be designed and manufactured to sit in with the design of the overall office.